Embark on a new era of agriculture with KESAN, a cutting-edge irrigation monitoring system meticulously crafted by Edraaksystrems. KESAN stands as a beacon of innovation in the farming landscape, employing advanced sensors embedded in the soil to measure crucial parameters: moisture, temperature, and humidity. This real-time data is seamlessly transmitted to a control unit, where sophisticated algorithms optimize irrigation processes. The result? Maximum yield, significant cost savings, and the preservation of precious water resources.
At Edraaksystrems, our expertise spans Embedded IoT, Embedded Firmware, C++, Flutter, and DevOps. These domains converge seamlessly in KESAN, ensuring its reliability and efficiency.

Our dedication to revolutionizing agriculture fuels our commitment to developing sustainable solutions.
KESAN isn’t just a product; it’s a testament to our passion for fostering agricultural advancements. By choosing Edraaksystrems, you’re embracing a future where technology meets the soil, enhancing yields, conserving resources, and ensuring the prosperity of farming communities.
Join hands with Edraaksystrems and sow the seeds of a sustainable tomorrow. Experience KESAN, where innovation meets cultivation, and let your agricultural endeavors flourish.

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