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AI in Industrial Process – Cutting Plan Optimization

Client Introduction

Kohinoor is one of the oldest textile fabric producing units in Pakistan with this plant being the pioneer in the development of continuous dyed fabric and adding a great contribution to the country’s exports.

Problem statement

Working for ages, the management was stuck with obsolete operations of fabric cutting management which is the last most important process. This resulted in 

  1. Mishandling of the fabric 
  2. Huge wastages resulting in millions in Loss
  3. Unplanned execution of cutting gave low-quality fabric.


The technical team at Edraak was engaged to figure out the solution and provide the best possible solution for the problem at hand. 

After a complete analysis of the problem statement and understanding of the process at hand. we set on to develop a state-of-the-art algorithm to minimize wastages and reduce operational expenses. This effort resulted in 

  1. Generate short terms ROI for the clients.
  2. Reduced number of machines and operational costs
  3. Real-time traceability of the information.
  4. Paperless process
  5. Sanctioned operations

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