Sporting Management Software

A dynamic and ultra-gamified platform that provides every feature of a platform for games should have. The platform provides a seamless user interface and experience that can engage for an infinite number of users from unlimited locations. The organization, promotion, development, and management of gaming platforms allowed on a single app sets it apart from all the other applications that provide a platform for games. Modernization of SaaS gaming platforms is not a task that can be done without countless years of experimentation on how to ensure an effortless experience for the users to register and participate in a diverse array of games from different locations. The meticulous steps that we took to build our products were catered to for developing this project as the client required some aspects, like registrations on the app, that required a flow-based operation of the platform. For the registered users to play in the championships, we ensured the following:

  • Scenario Adjustment: Modifying the conditions of given scenarios to align with specific requirements.
  • Validation Issue Resolution: Identifying and rectifying any validation-related problems to ensure the smooth operation of the platform.
  • Form Element Management: Adding or removing elements and fields within forms as needed to enhance user experience.
  • Aesthetic Enhancements: Making changes in the format, font, and colour of elements and text to improve the overall visual appeal.
  • User Restrictions: Implementing user access restrictions to maintain the integrity of the gaming environment.
  • Toast Message Customization: Adapting toast messages to reflect the relevant conditions and enhance user understanding.
  • Button and Popup Fixes: Addressing issues with buttons and popup messages for seamless navigation and interaction.
  • Button Enablement/Disabling: Managing button functionality by enabling or disabling as per specific requirements.

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