Process Enhancement

Processes can be made more efficient by identifying the procedure, steps or the points that do not execute their tasks properly and cause issues in other related activities. Edraak’s range of process enhancement products give companies turn-key solutions by utilizing the latest technologies for enhancing the value that their processes generate. Improving processes is crucial for companies and institutions alike otherwise they would not be able to compete in today’s ultra competitive environment. Due to the plethora of issues and problems that a problem could face, not all establishments are able to identify the actual pain points and it is easy to just keep on working with the friction. It is very common that workflows are not updated or have other blockers and the targets of the entire activity is downgraded without the realization that there is a lot of potential going to waste.

Edraak Systems is a company that devises solutions for process enhancement based on the nature and dynamics of the activity. If a process can be more efficient offline, we instal custom-engineered solution without digitalizing it. That is almost never the case in today’s world where each and every aspect of society is experiencing digitalization. The price of profits is the vigilance that businesses have to show in keeping up with the latest developments in markets which makes process enhancement an iterative and also an imperative process. There are various techniques and standards of enhancing processes like Six Sigma, TQM & Kaizen Methodologies.

Six Sigma focuses on the final product for variations minimizations. A process improved by using stats for benchmarking the performance of the process will have to have only 3.4 defects/million cycle to attain Six Sigma quality certification. DMAIC and DMADV are especially useful in ensuring custtomer satisfaction in the manufacturing industry because of their implementation during the analysis stage.

Kaizen, a Japanese philosophical approach to continous model of process improvement, empowers the team to take quality control onto themselves. The employees determine the pieces of the work process that cause or lead to inefficiencies and try to improve them. Repeating this process after some interval leads to incremental improvements in how the entre flow of work lead to generating value for customers.

Process Enhancement

Process enhancement is not necessarily done through cost cutting or through better teamwork. Even goal-oriented discussions on how to make the procedures better can result into into insights and ideas on how to increase efficiency. Our team views ourselves as consultants for you as we guide you step by step on how to increase the value that your operational procedures generate. The goal is always to remove current or any possible bottlenecks, reduction of point of contacts and low value activities, and minimization of risky activities. Other methods for improving processes like, Lean manufacturing or PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) are techniques that when applied on the overal process of work lead to better execution of the value-creation activity.

We help you mould these methodologies specifically to your operations. By utilizing AI, we improve operations work in every industry and can integrate it into any methodology of process enhancement.

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