CV (Comuter Visoion) is a revolutionary technology with vast applications in detecting and registering data points. Augment your date science team with our CV specialists. Quality control (QC), Grading and sorting, Organizing visual information, and Event detection are some of the development of Computer Vision (CV) we excel at in the manufacturing, textiles and apparel, and professional services. We have done precise image segmentation to develop image analysis algorithms for the organizations we provide service to over the last 7 years by utilizing rule-based approach and Machine Learning approach as well for Computer Vision.

The amalgamation of data science and business insights with expertise in image analysis system positions us above all others for providing state-of-the-art services for Computer Vision Architecture design & development. The vast array of tech stack for that which we deploy are
Python, Matlab, OpenCV, NumPy, MySQL, Oracle, MS Azure, Amazon S3, AWS, Computer Vision.
To get Computer Vision technology for your particular situation, define us the parameters on which you want to define the threshold for separation of the images. We shall simultaneously draft a proposal for you to proceed.

computer vision

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