Removing Anthropogenic emissions from the planet requires a perseverance from each and every stakeholder in societies, however the major onus is on industries. Industries like manufacturing and the supply chains around them are transitioning with the dyanmic involvement of digital transformation bodies like that of ours. We are proud of being at the forefront of the war for Net zero. Edraak’s sustainability tech is all about building up to net0 hence the combination of the experts and the investment in R&D for that specific purpose generates tangible results for the NetZero movement.

After in-depth analysis by our research wing of the policy aspect of technology’s role in transitioning into net zero economies we now are now into all the practical elements of the synergies between digital transformation and sustainability. Since it is not the technologies themselves but their deployment in an innovative that is catered in a way to drive digital innovation, we a Edraak System’s are ready to take all challenges of net-zero head on. The deep tech of our products like Infodart, Production Planning (PP) and QMS360 (Quality Management System 360) is just one of the examples of how we are empowering factories and production units to move on to green tech. Removal of GHGs is what have been indirectly doing from 6 years and now are leading the global effort. Want to join forces with us for the net-0 transition? Check our services here and drop us a word here.

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