Planet Earth was becoming inhospitable for most species before 2017, and that is when we decided to follow the United Nations to improve it. Apart from the political role of the UN, there is no dispute from any side over the socioeconomic role that the Sustainable Development Goals are playing in uplifting the world. The 17 SDGs have covered everything required for the wholesome development of all countries and we focus on the 9th Sustainable Development Goal. The number 9 Sustainable Development Goal is to ‘Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation’.

We had envisioned a world where no one suffered by not having the necessities and had decided to form a digital transformation agency. Hence, Edraak Systems was bootstrapped by 3 young technopreneurs as a digitalization agency to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 9. We have been achieving the 9th SDG for 6 years now by empowering industries through innovative technologies. Manufacturing has the biggest role in SDG 9 due to it generating the most employment at the same time generating the most waste. Even then the LDCs are projected to miss their 2030 target of doubling manufacturing as their share in GDP. That is why the mission of improving industries to make them sustainable and generate inclusive growth became our raison d’être.


The trifold goal of economic growth, social development and climate action is being achieved by the 4th revolution after the 2 industrial revolution and the 3rd revolution of the internet. Our core is what all the economists of the world agree upon, that is, that technology is the most deterministic Factor of production of an economic equation. Hence, we have carefully crafted cutting-edge technologies for our digital transformation company to imbue tailor-made IoT and AI solutions for the empowerment of legacy value chains to transcend to a higher state of production. Industry 4.0 is the only way to generate maximum employment with minimum resource input and here at Edraak Systems the shift from analogue to smart industries is curated specifically for that purpose.

Target 9.2, 9.4, and 9.5 are the ones we are experts in where we have developed and deployed ML-based hardware and software solutions for the manufacturing industry including textiles, apparel, pharmaceuticals and many others. Pakistan being an LDC severely lacks innovative technological solutions that utilize futuristic tech of Machine Learning and Robotics to enhance supply chains and since we have done extensive Research and Development on how to transfer Artificial Intelligence into operational processes, we excel, above all, in leveraging the innovative technological capacities of Internet of Things. The main goal of Sustainable Development Goal 9 is the uplifting of the masses by conducting R&D on the utilization of innovative technology solutions to make the industry optimal.


Our premium Artificial Intelligence (AI) products automate industrial workflows so that the enhancement in individual parts of the operations adds to a holistic boost in efficiency that is humanly impossible. All our services are specially designed to conjure up an ecosystem that perpetuates output increase with minimum use of environmental or economic resources. This is the most important point as the target 9. B of the UN (United Nations) is for the digitalization agencies with indigenous technology transfer and we precisely follow that where all our AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems are proprietary. RPA, Software Development, Web Apps Development, ERP systems, and Business Intelligence; we provide all services to factories and businesses of all kinds and sizes so that the world is a better place for all to thrive.

If you are a resident of the world that believes in UN SDG9 then join us to raise the standard of living for everyone by promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization. That can only be done if you support digitalizing the operational work procedures. With our innovative Hardware Design and Development infused with systems analysis and advisory services, the resulting wastage saves billions of litres of water, and billions of trees. You may join us to propagate technological innovation globally from any sector. Let technolutionize value generation and dispensation by advanced and state-of-the-art technology so that Quality Control and Production can be made as economical and lean as possible and usher into a new era of Industry 4.0 with IoTs (Internet of Things).


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