An irrigation monitoring system developed by international IoT and AI experts, KESAN is all anyone could ever need for testing soil for moisture, temperature or humidity or virtually any metric. The software being a mobile SaaS application, the hardware is based on sensors. Data Collection, Task Management, Geospatial Reporting, Operational and Performance Analytics, and Real-time Data Capture. It is a special Solar Powered Irrigation Monitoring System for the empowerment of farmers by monitoring the water content of their crops. The system also involves developing and integrating software algorithms that run on the hardware, which again requires a manufacturing process to produce the necessary electronic components. The data generated by the sensors is transferred to a control unit and this one of its kind methodology has been developed after years of one-on-one research with large farms owners and farmers. After receiving the data, the control unit optimizes irrigation by providing the precise amount of

water needed to crops based on real-time conditions. Not only massive savings of water is registered with this but also the crop yields increase sustainably lowering the overall costs.

All this is done while taking into consideration factors such as climate, soil conditions, and crop types. Our users have registered savings of up to 20% in their energy costs because of the water pumping reductions. The crop yields are increased by upto 15% by optimized pest control and fertilization. All the nuts and bolts moving are made productive in this state of the art agritech product rather that just being individual features by ensuring that the users can utilize their resources in the most efficient way to increase the profitability by 20-30%. Environmental sustainability and customer profitability is the biggest reward that we get for that. It is implemented in multiple forms; surface, subsurface, drip, sprinkler, center, lateral.

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