Quality Control


The quest to make the world grow sustainably is a very demanding task and the exceptional vigilance required to develop and implement the agritech for it required for us to devise ways to quantify soil quality. The change in soil quality due to land management practices is the impetus that drove us to develop soil quality control technologies. Precision agriculture in tillage principles is what we aim for and deliver in soil QC technologies. The technicalities of digital control systems for Quality Control of soil is the exact thing that emerges from the accumulation and execution of our IoT, AI and Robotics prowess.

The solutions developed in new generation agritech includes but is not limited to emerging tech for processes such as Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) and Deep Mixing (DM)/Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) methods etc. The focus on quality management is what is required to control the quality and this is what our our agritech QC does in rather just monitoring soil Quality.


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