Process Quality Control

Even the greatest of ideas remain only dreams until executed. The operations for any goal can only be successful if the workflow is seamless and that is where we excel. Edraak Systems has value addition through digitalization as its ethos and for that, we have done years of research and development on improving industrial quality control processes. Quality in today’s ever more demanding world is not just anything that is objective but has uniform global standards. Contemporary quality standards were formulated after the industrial revolution but it was after the globalization of 1945 that international bodies dedicated their efforts to enforce quality standards. As consumer rights advocacy grew awareness in the masses, people and companies became more and more concerned with ensuring the high quality of their products.

Quality control processes being the weakest link of the manufacturing chain is why we picked this as our niche.

Traditionally, quality control systems have been overcomplicated and over-expensive resulting in companies bypassing crucial steps required to ensure quality. Our state-of-the-art technological solutions make the production processes efficient by reducing the greatest component of the production costs i.e. quality control. Since quality can still be at times an abstract quality, meaning different things for different companies, we specialize in analyzing the production parameters for factories depending on their nature and scale. Building customized quality control processes is our specialty because we believe in quality being at the core of every value proposition.

process quality control

Controlling the quality could mean anything from ensuring the uniformity of products to removing products with errors or errors in the product. To maintain the best quality, processes have to have control mechanisms built into them. Here is where the quality management system is initiated. The nature or type of company is irrelevant to the need for a control system that manages the quality.